Innovative and real-time testing, care, and surveillance of COVID-19 response in an evolving pandemic in local contexts
FIND, Switzerland
Even with vaccination advancement, COVID-19 (C19) testing remains essential to identify cases, prevent outbreaks and enable the identifcation of populations at higher risk of worsening the infection due to non-vaccination and circulation of new variants and subvariants. To succeed testing coverage expansion, decentralization of testing is a fundamental approach, increasing the detection of new cases and linking to adequate care and epidemiological surveillance. C19 testing and care access is a big challenge in rural and lower socioeconomic communities. The role of technology has been discussed, considering its limits and potentialities. This satellite aims to present innovative data about real-time testing, care, and surveillance of C19 response in highly vulnerable socioeconomic neighborhoods in Brazil, showing how healthcare managers can utilize this platform to manage other diseases. The session will focus on C19 test intervention aspects and technology use in Primary Health Care.
5 min
Opening – Overview
UNITAID, Switzerland
15 min
COVID-19 epidemiologic profile among highly vulnerable socioeconomic neighborhoods in two Brazilian capitals
Fundação Oswaldo Cruz, Brazil
UIniversidade Federal da Bahia, Brazil
10 min
Implementation of a digital platform liking to C19 testing in the primary healthcare settings in two Brazilian capitals
University of the State of Bahia, Brazil
Universidade do Estado da Bahia - UNEB, Brazil
10 min
Knowledge and usability about the self-test for C19 in two Brazilian capitals
Evandro Chagas National Institute of Infectious Diseases / Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, Brazil
10 min
Lessons learned based on C19 for future pandemics: testing, surveillance, and telehealth
WHO and UNAIDS, India
10 min
FIND, Switzerland