EPA0021 Urethral microbiome of South African cis-gender men and transwomen with and without bacterial sexually transmitted infectionsE-posterHIV pathogenesis
EPA0022 Microbial dysbiosis is associated with peripheral inflammation in vertically infected youth with HIV on stable anti-retroviral therapyE-posterHIV pathogenesis
EPA0023 Massive HIV infection abrogates osteoclastogenesis by influencing CCR5 and CD9 expressionE-posterHIV pathogenesis
EPA0024 Impact of the synthetic opioid fentanyl on HIV replication in vitroE-posterHIV pathogenesis
EPA0025 Role of transcriptionally-active "defective" HIV-1 proviruses in immunological non-responders: a case-control studyE-posterHIV pathogenesis
EPA0026 Frequencies of CD4+ and CD8+ T cells immune activation are reduced in PLWH after 5 years of antiretroviral therapyE-posterHIV pathogenesis
EPA0027 miRNAs regulated by reproductive hormones and pregnancy target the HIV interactomeE-posterHIV pathogenesis
EPA0028 Identification of SIV infected mast cells in early sites of viral reboundE-posterHIV pathogenesis
EPA0029 Early initiation of anti-retroviral therapy restores some but not all perturbations of natural killer cell functions and phenotypes in early HIV-1 infected men who have sex with menE-posterHost immune responses, vaccines and immunotherapies
EPA0030 Mitochondrial HSP60 ensures optimal energy-dependent immunity in antiviral T-cellsE-posterHost immune responses, vaccines and immunotherapies
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