EPA0011 Nicotinamide mononucleotide impacts HIV-1 infection by modulating immune activation in T lymphocytes and humanized miceE-posterHIV pathogenesis
EPA0012 Dysregulated transcriptional signature of Th17-Polarized cells during chronic HIV Infection despite successful antiretroviral therapy compared to uninfected individualsE-posterHIV pathogenesis
EPA0013 Impact of chronic HIV Infection and Smoking on dynamics of pulmonary mucosal tissue resident CD8 T-cells and regulatory CD4 T-cells during antiretroviral therapyE-posterHIV pathogenesis
EPA0014 Accelerated biological aging is associated with intestinal barrier permeability and microbial translocation during antiretroviral therapy suppressed HIV infectionE-posterHIV pathogenesis
EPA0015 Simultaneous transcriptome and miRNome profiling of CD4+ T cells from elite controllers identify that miR-99b and miR-125a are implicated in viral replication in vitroE-posterHIV pathogenesis
EPA0016 Elevated plasma galectin-9 among vertically infected youth with HIV on ART is associated with Iinflammation and cognitive performanceE-posterHIV pathogenesis
EPA0017 Plasma derived extracellular vesicles modulate monocyte function in adults with HIV-related cognitive impairmentE-posterHIV pathogenesis
EPA0018 HIV-induced mitochondrial ROS and cell death in hepatic stellate cells contribute to a profibrotic profileHIV-induced mitochondrial ROS and cell death in hepatic stellate cells contribute to a profibrotic profileE-posterHIV pathogenesis
EPA0019 Both HIV-1 expression and germinal center B cells reduce CXCR5 expression on T follicular helper cellsE-posterHIV pathogenesis
EPA0020 Heavily Treatment-Experienced (HTE) people living with HIV (PLWH) with vertical transmission and detectable viremia do not display increased peripheral inflammation markers: data from the Prestigio RegistryE-posterHIV pathogenesis
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