EPA0001 Understanding the viral and host transmission fitness factors associated with different modes of HIV-1 subtype B transmissionE-posterHIV virology
EPA0002 Preexisting and postbaseline resistance analyses in pooled pediatric studies of emtricitabine/tenofovir alafenamide (F/TAF)-based antiretroviral therapy (ART)E-posterHIV virology
EPA0003 Wide diversity in SIV production occurs at the single cell levelE-posterHIV virology
EPA0004 Characterization of Brazilian HIV-1 near full-length proviral genomes from people living with HIV under successful first-line antiretroviral therapyE-posterHIV virology
EPA0005 HIV-1 Vpr drives a tissue residency-like phenotype during selective infection of resting memory T cellsE-posterHIV virology
EPA0006 Rilpivirine-associated resistance mutations among virologically suppressed people living with HIV-1 in Botswana: implications for cabotegravir-rilpivirine useE-posterHIV virology
EPA0007 Identification of a new HIV-1 BF1 intersubtype recombinant form circulating in Turkey, that has generated a secondary recombinant form with CRF56_cpx transmitted in SpainE-posterHIV virology
EPA0008 Viral reservoir diversity in circulating PMBC and T cell subsets under suppressive ARTE-posterHIV virology
EPA0009 Development of an efficient method based on Nanopore technology for sequencing of HIV-1 near full-length genomes from plasmaE-posterHIV virology
EPA0010 HIV infects mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) and modulates adipocyte differentiationE-posterHIV pathogenesis
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